What is the Difference Between Empire Waist and A-Line Long Prom Dresses

Shopping for a formal trash should be fun and exciting but can often feel frustrating due to the number of different terms used to describe long prom dresses. From different styles of bodice two different types of skirts, it’s easy to let your head spin as you try and understand which type of dress is what you are looking for. The biggest question that women have today when shopping for long prom dresses is what is the difference between Empire waist and A-Line waist – and who do they fit best?

Empire Waist

Empire waist is classified as any dressed where the waistline begins just below the breasts. This is a common style seen most often in maternity clothes. The reason why Empire waist is so popular for women stresses is because it provides a loose fit around the stomach and hip region. Many women prefer this look for the slimming a fact that it causes. However, the Empire waist can be less flattering if you happen to have a broader rib cage or shoulders.

A-Line Waist

The A-line waist gets its name from the way it creates the shape of the letter A with your body. Typically this waistline is just above your normal waistline but below the rib cage. It naturally gives women an hourglass figure and can be most flattering on individuals who have larger hips or a larger lower abdomen region. The one important factor of this style is to make sure that the width of the waist is wide enough to accommodate your frame size. A small waist tie can be less flattering than a wide one on fuller figure women.

When trying to decide between the two, take into consideration the natural shape of your body. Women tend to have broader shoulders and desire and hourglass figure will benefit most from the A-line waist. While those who have larger hips and fuller figures will benefit from the empire waist.